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Heavy Duty Pneumatic Feeders

Here are some very basic reasons with which it can be proved that buying a SUKU Pneumatic Feeder is the right thinking to do. Instaling a feeder on your press does not just mean choosing a pneumatic clamp for feeding the material. You need to choose carefully the right feeder to develop better productivity.

Precision Accuracy to the tune of 20 microns or even better, depending on the type of tooling.

Right to Choose Right Feeder for every needs. Light series for thin materials at fast speed, Medium & heavy series for thicker material; Alfa, Beta, Gamma & Theta with double & triple pulling cylinder and many series to follow soon.

Compact, Rigid and Strong Strictures which has negligible wear characteristics.

Interchangeability from one die to the other because of it simple installation with only two mounting screws.

Durable in Indian working conditions because of Extremely hard Aluminum alloy feed body there is no oxidation due to wet air remaining inside the feeder.

Quiet during operation.

Low air Consumption makes it more economical because it saves electricity.

Last but not the least, it is inexpensive compared with any other option.

Additional Information:

Cam Actuated Solanoid Control Pneumatic Air Feeder

We have developed the Air feeder Series by installing a special valve that increases the feeding speed. This Air Feeder Series is specially designed for the high production of small parts, especially when long feed strokes are needed.

Coil stock can be fed in any direction or angle at any time during the machine cycle. A single feed can push or pull through long or short progressions.

A variety of stock widths and thicknesses can be fed at different speeds and feed lengths. 

CAM Feeder

CAM Feeder

We are the leading manufacturer of Computer Aided Manufacturing Feeder.

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