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Straightener Cum Un Coiler

NCF 2 In 1 Series Straightener And Uncoiler

NCF 2 In 1 Series Straightener And Uncoiler

Approx. Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece

Integrated with uncoiler and straightener ,save volume, suitable for board processing. Automatically adjust feeding time according to output speed.

All rolls are made of bearing steel, have all been quenched, hard-chrome plated and grinded with mim HRC60..
Use Japanese electromagnetic contact and electric parts, long service life .

A stepless variable speed control is used normal and high speed operation, control by modern frequency converters, keep pace with straightening, stable feeding.

Leveler inclines appropriately to reduce feeding loop distance
Constructed with highly rigid structure and designed with a powerful motorized feeder

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TNCF 2 In 1 Series Straightening Machine

TNCF 2 In 1 Series Straightening Machine

We offer TNCF 2 In 1 Series Straightener Machine, used for straightening and cutting stainless steel sheet & plate with a variety of school-shear length specifications and fringe trimming function.

From the standard configuration: Feeding car, uncoiled, Reply feeder, the feeding of pre-school, the transition table, spacing device (trimming machine, and at the wire winding machine), the host school level, length device, the tail plate feed units , shears, conveyor table and threw feeder, the code expected workstations, Zhang Liao devices, hydraulic systems, electrical control system.

The main production line hydraulic system used Taiwan Original precision components, electrical control procedures for imported PLC and touch screen controller to control all functions, the main motor of a school-DC-DC controller products by the United Kingdom in Europe, with the degree of automation high shear and high precision, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, and other operational characteristics.

Straightener and Uncoiler

Straightener and Uncoiler

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